When choosing a yacht to charter for your vacation, you have to factor in the destination you would like to visit as well as the activities you would like to do. If you are island hopping in the Bahamas, we would suggest a faster power yacht to cover more ground. If you like seclusion and want to get away from it all to enjoy family time in a private setting, we may suggest a mega yacht in the Mediterranean. Do you like a slower pace with a more casual setting ? You may want to consider a catamaran in the Caribbean. How about exploring history and cruising the coastline of Turkey or Greece? You may want to consider a Gulet

There are many different types of yachts to choose for a charter from Broward’sBenettiWestport or fast power yachts like PershingSunseekerMangusta and Azimut. There are also a number of sailing vessels like JeanneauFountaine Pajot and Beneteau, other larger ones like OysterPerini Navi and Wally’s and of course sailing and power catamarans like LagoonSunreef and Horizon. There are many other great builds available that I left out however you get the idea… What about a gulet? What is a Gulet and is this type of vessel right for you?

A gulet (gu‘let) is a wood built classic schooner type sailing vessel with a traditional design of 2 to 3 masts with its’ original construction dates back to the early 1970’s. Gulets are predominantly built in Bodrum or Marmaris on the southwestern coast of Turkey with an average size of 14 to 35 meters in length with accommodations of 3 to 8 guest cabins. Most gulets have diesel power and due to their heavier weight they may not be properly rigged for sailing and wind power only.

There are 3 categories of gulet’s which is standard, deluxe and luxury all varying in size, crew and expense (please see 3 examples below). Gulets are a very popular vessel in Turkey for the local residents and tourists for its casual setting paired with the famous Blue Cruise. A Blue Cruise or also known as a Blue Voyage or Blue Tour is a term used for voyages along the Turkish Riviera, Turkey’s southwestern coast along the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Gulets are available for charter not only in Turkey but also in GreeceCroatia and Italy.


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